Top Garage Door Brands

We have a selection of garage door manufacturers who we believe offer the best products. Our opinions are built from many years of developing long-lasting relationships with these trustworthy garage door manufacturers. We want to share with you our favorite glass door manufacturer, our favorite steel door manufacturer, and our favorite commercial door manufacturer. Here …

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Pan vs Sandwich Garage Doors

Pan Garage Doors Pan garage doors are standard, non-insulated doors with only one layer of steel sections. Because they have no insulation backing to give them support, they are more prone to damage. If you have a pan garage door, denting and folding of the steel sections is a concern. Stray balls, kid’s bicycles, and …

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Types of Garage Door Styles

Choosing a new garage door to install on your home is an important decision. After all, your garage door’s exterior contributes to your curb appeal and thus your home’s value. So before settling on a garage door design, read this post! Although it seems straightforward at first, you will soon discover the many insulation, color, …

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