One of our garage door springs finally gave out and broke. I googled “Garage Door Repairs Near Me”, Sunwest Garage Door Service reflected the largest number of “5-Star” reviews.

The over-the-phone reception was prompt and friendly. They gave a reasonable quote over the phone (no telemarketing gimicktry done).

Mr. Craig Cooper was the Service Technician. Both the office and he called within 20 minutes of arrival on a Saturday afternoon.

Mr. Cooper was very professional in demeanor, friendly, and competent. He provided the same quote as the office. He quickly diagnosed the garage door issues and repaired them. He offered to check the other two garage doors, then proceeded to lubricate and make minor adjustments to ensure all the doors operated smoothly and quietly.

We are pleased that from the time duration for the repair was done in less than 3-hours (from the start of the initial phone call, until payment with Mr. Cooper & Co.). Thank you for the expeditious and friendly service!