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Sunwest Garage Door performs garage door repair Brea CA. We have been handling garage door repair near Brea CA, including sales and services, for over 25 years. Through all these years, our priority has always been your experience as a customer. That means we will provide you with great customer service, quality garage door products, and speedy turnaround times. In fact, we pride ourselves on sending servicemen, not salesmen, to meet all of your garage door repair Brea CA needs. That means we will never pressure you to get unnecessary garage door repair or upgrades to make a profit. We especially love to serve garage door repair Brea CA in and around the areas of Downtown Brea, Olinda Ranch, Eagle Hills, and Blackstone.

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When your garage door breaks down and you need a professional serviceman to perform your garage door repair Brea CA like new, you can count on our team to help. Our team of servicemen can handle all garage door repair Brea CA. On our Garage Door Repair Service page, you can browse our list of common garage door repair problems. Whether your door is not opening, operating loudly, or damaged by an accident, we have the experience to help. We handle the entire garage door repair Brea CA from beginning to end in a fast and affordable way. Our garage door repair services near Brea CA include:

  • Grinding noises
  • Broken garage door opener
  • Garage door section damage
  • Broken garage door spring
  • Garage door not closing
  • Garage door out of track
  • Roller out of place
  • Broken garage door cable
Garage Door Repair Near Brea CA

Garage door spring repair is a common service we perform for garage door repair Brea CA. Because garage door springs are such a vital part of a reliable garage door system, they need to be well maintained and replaced every 8-12 years. Without this upkeep, your garage door springs could break suddenly, leaving your car trapped in the garage. To prevent this from happening to your home, watch for these signs that you need garage door spring repair near Brea CA.

  • Loud squeaking or grinding noises
  • Garage door that opens halfway and reverses
  • Garage door that opens very slowly
  • Garage door opening at an angle

If you notice any of the above issues with your garage door, your garage door spring is probably on its last leg. In this case, you need to schedule garage door spring replacement quickly before it damages your garage door. Schedule garage door repair Brea CA with us by calling (714)528-5670!

Garage Door Panel Replacement

If you have a damaged garage door section, we always recommended replacing it as soon as possible. Once one or more of your garage door panels have been dented or damaged in some way, it can become a safety or operating issue. To help you complete your garage door panel replacement quickly, we keep a wide spectrum of garage door styles in-house.

Additionally, we can get any garage door section you choose as long as it’s still being manufactured. If you are interested in garage door section replacement, contact us and we’ll walk you through the process. We can also perform garage door repair Brea CA for your broken sections. 

From your initial free quote to the new door installation, we are here to help you find the perfect new garage door for your home. On our New Door Page, we will walk you through the steps of selecting your door. First, choose the style and construction of your new door. We offer a wide range of style options from traditional to modern to carriage house, fitting each of these with your desired insulation. Next, we will guide you through deciding on your internal hardware including your track and opener in different varieties.

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Call our office now at (714)528-5670 for an estimate to get garage door repair Brea CA. Or, let us help you figure out which new garage door and opener may be best for your home. We provide garage door repair Brea CA at the zip codes 92821 and 92823 between Arovista Park and Carbon Canyon Regional Park. So call now to schedule garage door repair Brea CA with one of our friendly representatives!

Garage door spring replacement is one of our most common jobs for garage door repair Brea CA. Broken garage door springs occur frequently because they carry a lot of tension to hold your garage door in place. Their lifespan is also measured by the number of times your garage door opens and closes. All this means that your garage door spring will last 8-12 years depending on how frequently you use your garage door. Towards the end of your garage door spring's lifespan you'll begin to notice these issues:

  • Garage door won't open.
  • Garage door is really heavy and difficult for the opener to lift.
  • Door opens halfway and stops or slams to the ground.
  • You hear a loud popping or grinding noise.
  • You notice a 2-4 inch gap or significant elongation in the spring's coils. 

When this happens, you need to schedule garage door repair Brea CA quickly.

Noisy garage doors are a common and annoying issue we hear about during repair calls. You may hear a grinding or squeaking noise when your garage door opens and closes. There are several reasons that your door may operate loudly, but the most common involve your opener or rollers and spring. 


Your garage door opener can cause your door to operate loudly if it is an older model or a chain/screw drive. These opener types tend to have  metal components that create a lot of noise when they operate the door. In this case, you want to consider to a new opener model like a belt or direct drive. These opener types have fewer metal parts and a much quieter operation. 


If the noise issue isn't with your opener, it may be poor lubrication with the rollers, hinges, or springs. Because these are metal, they loosen and rust over time. This makes your garage door's operation much louder. To fix this issue, schedule a maintenance appointment with us. Our trained technicians can lubricate and tighten all your garage door parts so your door operates more quietly. 

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