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Here at Sunwest Garage Door, we perform Fountain Valley CA garage door repair and replacement services. For over 25 years, we have proudly served the residents of Fountain Valley for a broad range of garage door service needs. We have been successful for so many years because we put the customer first, especially in service times. We work Monday through Saturday so we can schedule a fast and affordable Fountain Valley CA garage door repair. Because a broken garage door is such an inconvenience, we work quickly so you can return to your life. We love providing Fountain Valley CA garage door repair in and around:

  • West Grove Valley
  • Riverview West
  • Downtown Village
  • Green Valley
  • Balboa Peninsula

When it comes time to throw out that old door and replace it with a new one, trust us to get you the best door. From our multiple brands and styles, you select the door that suits your home. On our New Door Page, browse the steps of choosing a new garage door. These include the style, construction, and track options available. Depending on your home’s architecture, you select a wood, steel, aluminum, or glass door. Your garage door tracks can also be upgraded to low headroom or high lift for fit any ceiling. No matter your new garage door installation needs, we are here to help!

When your garage door breaks down suddenly and you need a quick and reliable Fountain Valley CA garage door repair, count on our team to help. Sunwest Garage Door servicemen can handle all garage door repairs. On our Garage Door Repair Service page, browse a list of common problems from broken garage door springs to garage door cables to garage door openers. These troubleshooting ideas can help you identify what is wrong with your garage door. Once we are on site, we will walk you through several options for Fountain Valley CA garage door repair your door or replacing parts.

Signs That You Need Fountain Valley CA Garage Door Repair

  • Grinding noises
  • Garage door not opening or closing 
  • Garage door opener not working properly
  • Large dents or sagging of garage door panels
  • Broken garage door spring
  • Rollers fallen out of place
  • Broken garage door cable

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Our garage door technicians specialize in broken garage door spring replacement. Since a garage door spring is an important part of the counterbalance system that lifts your garage door, it needs to be well maintained. On our Spring Replacement page, we answer important questions about the types of garage door springs and their lifespans. This will help you identify which spring your garage door has and determine the best option for garage door spring replacement.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Has your garage door become noisy, slow, or jerky when opening and closing? These are all common signs you need garage door opener repair. Garage door opener repair is a garage door repair that we commonly complete for homes in the Fountain Valley area. It is important that your opener works at its best because it is the motor that allows you to automatically operate your garage door. Without this function, your car could be trapped in the garage, interrupting your entire day. That is why our expert technicians are always standing at the ready to perform your garage door opener repair with the best tools and parts. So don’t wait, call now at (714)528-5670 to schedule your Fountain Valley CA garage door repair!

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Call our office now at (714)528-5670 for an estimate or to schedule a service call from our friendly and professional servicemen. We service Fountain Valley 92708 and 92728 between Freedom Hall, Fulton Park, and The Reptile Zoo. 

Fountain Valley CA Garage Door Repair Services !

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What Our Clients Say

Liam H.
Liam H.
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I can't say enough about the great service we received from Sunwest on our new garage door and garage door opener installation. We called on Sunday to set up an appointment and made an appointment for the following day. On Monday, as promised, the office called to confirm the appointment and called again when the owner (Phil) was 15 minute away. Phil walked me through all the door and opener options and took the necessary measurements. I ordered the door and opener I wanted and paid the deposit. Phil said he would call in the order and the office would call shortly to schedule the installation appointment. Within 15 minute I'd received the call from the office and we scheduled the installation for two days out (Wednesday). On Wednesday, I once again received a call from the office to confirm the arrival time. The crew was on time and completed the installation in 3 hours as promised. After the installation was complete, Phil walked me through the ins and outs of the systems and helped me program my car remote. A couple days later, when having trouble setting up the remote on another vehicle, I called the office for help. Phil called me back within 5 minutes and easily walked me through the setup process over the phone. Thank you Phil and the whole Sunwest team for a great experience!


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Common Garage Door Questions

There are three spring types: torsion, extension, and torquemaster. 

Torsion springs are the most modern and common choice for garage doors. Located above the door, they stretch horizontally, winding in and out to operate the door. If you have a broken torsion spring, you will notice a 2-4″ between the coils. 

Extension springs are an older model for garage door systems. They are located on either side of the garage door, stretching vertically. To operate your garage door, they stretch and retract. If you have one or more broken extension springs, you’ll notice extra elongation between the spring’s coils.

Torquemaster springs are a specialty spring and not very common. Wayne Dalton creates these springs so they have a special mechanism and installation process. In fact, they are located inside a torque master tube. This makes it more difficult to identify when you have a broken spring. However, you will most likely notice loose or broken cables on either side of the tube if the spring breaks. 

There are many reasons your garage door may stop working suddenly. Most commonly if your garage door won’t open, there is an issue with the opener or springs. With the opener, it may malfunction or break. This prevents the opener from automatically opening your door when you press the remote or keypad. When it comes to springs, they may break or loosen suddenly so they can’t carry the door’s weight. If your opener or springs break, you’ll need garage door repair to get your door back in working order.