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Sunwest Garage Door provides you with over 25 years of experience with garage door repair Fullerton CA. If your garage door is not working or if you are ready for an upgrade, contact us for details. We are here to help you make the best choice regardless of your home style and budget. Our number one priority is making sure you feel confident about your garage door. If you live in or around the following areas and need garage door repair Fullerton CA, we would love to serve you!

  • Cedarhills Estates
  • College Park
  • Foothill Village
  • Hawks Pointe
  • Lakeview
  • Park Ridge
  • Somerset
  • Sunnyhills
  • Threewoods
  • Valencia Park
  • West Fullerton
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Garage Door Repair Fullerton CA

Sunwest Garage Door can handle any garage door repair Fullerton CA needs. Our professional team of garage door repair technicians will come out to your location for quick and affordable garage door repair Fullerton CA. Our Fullerton garage door repair services include replacing old garage door springs, tracks, worn hinges, and more. On our Garage Door Repair Service page, browse a list of common problems from broken garage door springs to garage door cables to garage door openers.

These garage door repair troubleshooting ideas can help you identify what is wrong with your garage door. We can also bring new garage door replacement panels to easily and quickly repair damaged and broken garage door panels from your current garage door. Your garage will look and act brand new after our servicemen are done with the job. Just schedule garage door repair Fullerton CA today so we can offer you same day garage door service!

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Caring for your garage door can be an easy home maintenance project to overlook, but it is actually very important! As the largest moving object in your home, a garage door has numerous moving parts that ensure it operates reliably and safely. That’s why scheduling Fullerton garage door repair quickly is very important. 

One of these parts is a garage door torsion or extension spring. A garage door spring carries a tremendous amount of tension to keep your garage door in place. Because of this, it will eventually wear out, leading to a broken garage door spring. When this happens, you’ll need garage door spring replacement to get your garage door up and running again. Let us perform your garage door spring replacement near Fullerton CA on your schedule at a great price. Call now at (714)528-5670 to schedule your garage door repair Fullerton CA appointment. 

Garage Door Opener Repair

Are you facing these problems with your garage door? Maybe your garage door won’t open all the way, or your garage door won’t open with a remote. We can help with garage door repair Fullerton CA! Those two issues are the most common signs you need garage door opener repair. Here at Sunwest Garage Door, we are garage door repair Fullerton CA experts.

From motor issues to worn out gears, we have the knowledge to quickly identify the problem with your garage door opener and suggest garage door repair options. In fact, we keep our trucks stocked with the best replacement parts to fix your garage door opener within one service appointment. So whenever you have a broken garage door opener, trust the experts at Sunwest Garage Door for garage door repair Fullerton CA.

Is it time to invest in a new garage door to improve your curb appeal? We have a great range of style, material, and construction options. No matter if you have modern, historical, or contemporary home architecture, we can help you design a door to match it. On our New Door Page, browse the steps of choosing your door style, construction, and track. We also specialize in glass garage doors. They are one of our favorite new garage door installations to complete because of their clean lines that complement any home. When you visit our Glass Garage Doors page, we will walk you through the numerous options for customizing your door.

Contact Us for Fullerton Garage Door Repair

Call our office now at (714)528-5670 for an estimate or to schedule a service call from our friendly and professional servicemen. Our garage door repair Fullerton CA services include Laguna Lake Park, Lemon Park, and the Muckenthaler Cultural Center. We proudly serve the Fullerton, CA area (92831, 92832, 92833 and 92835).

There are several safe, easy projects that you complete to maintain your garage door year around including:

  • Lubricate your garage door hinges & rollers to prevent squeaking and grinding noises
  • Adjust your safety eye sensors to enhance the automatic reversal mechanism
  • Replace batteries in remotes
  • Replace light bulbs in garage door opener

Even though there are several garage door maintenance projects you can complete, it can still be a dangerous to handle your garage door alone. In most cases, attempting to repair your own garage door without the correct experience, tools, and knowledge can injure you or cause unnecessary damage to the door. This is because garage doors hold a lot of tension due to the springs that operate them. If someone is incorrectly handling a garage door, it could result in a serious accident. Instead of taking the risk, we recommend calling an experienced technician to assess the issue and complete your garage door repair Fullerton CA.

Because the motor in your garage door opener allows you to operate the door automatically, you lose this function if your opener breaks. When this happens, you need garage door opener repair to get your door up and running again. Specific problems with your garage door opener can range from dead batteries in a remote to an outdated opener, but the most common issues include:

  • Blocked safety sensors
  • Incorrect limits 
  • Worn out or broken gears in the motor
  • Faulty electrical preventing the opener from getting power

The good news is problems with your garage door opener can usually be repaired quickly. If you notice any issues with your opener, give us a call at 714-528-5670 to schedule a garage door repair Fullerton CA.

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