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Sunwest Garage Door performs garage door repair Long Beach CA. We have been handling garage door repairs, sales, and services near Long Beach, CA area for over 25 years. Our priority is your experience as a customer. That means we will provide you with great customer service, quality garage door products, and speedy turnaround times. In fact, we pride ourselves on sending servicemen, not salesmen, to meet all of your garage door needs. That means we will never pressure you to get unnecessary garage door repairs or upgrades to make a profit. Call us for garage door repair Long Beach CA if you live in or around any of the following Long Beach areas:

  • Downtown Long Beach
  • Belmont Shore
  • Bixby Knolls
  • Naples
  • Cambodia Town
  • Alamitos Beach
  • 4th Street Corridor
  • Bluff Park
  • Belmont Heights
  • California Heights
  • East Village
  • Carmelitos
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Garage Door Repair Long Beach CA

On our Garage Door Repair Service page, browse a list of common problems from broken garage door springs to cables to openers. These troubleshooting ideas can help you identify what is wrong with your garage door. Once we are on-site, we will walk you through several options for repairing your garage door or replacing parts. When your garage door breaks down suddenly and you need a quick and reliable garage door repair Long Beach CA, count on our team to help. Sunwest Garage Door servicemen can handle any Long Beach garage door repair.

garage door repair long beach ca

Garage Door Spring Repair

Specifically, we specialize in broken garage door spring replacement. Since a garage door spring is an important part of the counterbalance system that lifts your garage door, it needs to be well maintained. On our Spring Replacement page, we answer important questions about the types of garage door springs and their lifespans. This will help you identify which spring your garage door has and determine the best option for garage door spring replacement. Also, you may have a broken garage door spring if your garage door:

  • Is really heavy when you try to manually open it
  • Won’t open at all
  • Goes up a few inches or halfway and stops
  • Slams down
  • Goes up crooked

Garage Door Panel Replacement

In all of our years serving the Long Beach area, we’ve seen it all when it comes to garage door damage. From backing into the door to broken springs that cause cracking, your garage door panels can experience bending, sagging, or denting. That’s why we offer garage door panel replacement with all the major brands. Instead of replacing your entire garage door, panel replacement is a good option to save you money. If you want to learn more about panel replacement for your damaged garage door, contact us at 714-528-5670!

When it comes time to throw out that old door and replace it with a new one, trust us to get you the best door. From our multiple brands and styles, you select the door that suits your home. On our New Door Page, browse the steps of choosing a new garage door. These include the style, construction, and track options available. Depending on your home’s architecture, you select a wood, steel, aluminum, or glass door. Your garage door tracks can also be upgraded to low headroom or high lift to fit any ceiling. No matter your new garage door installation needs, we are here to help!

Contact Us For Long Beach Garage Door Repair

Call our office now at (714)528-5670 for an estimate or to set up your garage door repair Long Beach CA. We provide garage door repair Long Beach, CA (90712-90716, 90740, 90755, 90801-15, 90831-90853, 90899) near Queensway Bay, the Aquarium of the Pacific, and the El Dorado Nature Center.

Since your garage door opener is a major part of your garage door system, it needs to be well maintained to operate at its best. That means being aware of when you have a broken garage door opener or one that is wearing down. Look out for these signs that you need garage door opener repair:


  • Garage door won’t open with the remote or keypad.
  • You hear unusually squeaking or grinding noises.
  • You notice the slow opening and closing of your garage door.
  • The garage door has unreliable opening and closing.
  • The garage door begins to close, then reverses.
  • Your opener is reaching 15-20 years old.

Have you noticed any of those problems with your garage door? Give us a call at 714-528-5670 to set up your garage door repair appointment today!

Aging and poorly maintained garage doors often operate very loudly. This can be an annoying issue, especially if you have a roof above or beside the garage. When we examine loud garage doors, we most often notice issues with the garage door opener or the roller and spring system. In terms of noisy garage door openers, we see the most problems with chain and screw drive systems as well as openers reaching 10-15 years old. For roller and spring system issues, poorly lubricated and tightened parts create a loud grinding or squeaking noise. 


If you’re experiencing a noisy garage door system, give us a call at 714-528-5670! We have multiple options to help your garage door system operate more quietly. 

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