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Sunwest Garage Door delivers excellent garage door repair Villa Park CA. We have over 25 years of experience to get your garage door repaired or installed in the fastest and most affordable way. We have been successful for so many years because our customers are our first priority. That means providing the best customer service, quality garage door products, and short wait times. No matter your garage door repair Villa Park CA, you can trust us to get the job done right.  We would love to provide you with garage door repair Villa Park CA home in and around the following neighborhoods:

  • Cerro Villa Heights
  • Martinique Court
  • Gainsborough Homes
  • Villas 15
  • Buccola Homes
  • Havenwood Farms
  • Villa Park Estates
  • Villa Isles
  • Patrician Homes of Villa Park

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Garage Door Repair Villa Park CA
If you need garage door repair Villa Park CA, we have the experience to find the problem and offer you several garage door repair Villa Park CA options. We offer same day garage door spring replacement, repair of worn hinges, and installation of electronic garage door openers. We do this because we want to make your garage door repair as easy as possible. On our Garage Door Repair Service page, browse a list of the most common problems that could be causing an issue for your garage door. Our full range of garage door repair Villa Park CA services include:
  • Damaged or sagging garage door panels
  • Spring replacement
  • Cable replacement
  • Roller replacement
  • Out of track garage door
  • Garage door opener repair
garage door repair villa park ca

Garage Door Spring Repair

How do you know if you have a broken garage door spring? The top signs of an issue with your spring include:

  • The door is really heavy when you try to manually open it.
  • The garage door won’t open at all.
  • The garage door goes up a few inches and stops.
  • The garage door goes up halfway and stops.
  • The garage door slams down.
  • The door goes up crooked.
  • The top section is cracked and bends when opening.

If you notice any of these issues with your garage door, you need immediate garage door spring replacement. Especially if your garage door is stuck closed or your garage door stops half way, garage door repair is your best option for restoring your garage door to working order. Give us a call at 714-528-5670 to set up your garage door spring repair or any other garage door repair Villa Park CA services!

Does your home need a new garage door? Our garage door installation services include residential garage doors of all sizes and designs. Regardless of your home’s exterior, we can offer you numerous style, color, and hardware options to create a door to complement it. Visit our New Door Page to browse the steps of choosing your door. The page will guide you through the style, construction, and track options.

For a modern garage door, look no farther than glass garage doors to upgrade your home’s exterior. They are a stunning complement to California architecture, reflecting beautifully in the sunshine. They are also the most customizable garage door option as you choose the glass and frame design. This allows you to create a glass door that will add incredible curb appeal to your home. If you live in the Villa Park area and want to learn more about glass doors, visit our Glass Garage Doors page.  

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Call our office now at (714)528-5670 for an estimate or to schedule garage door repair Villa Park CA service with our friendly and professional servicemen. We provide garage door repair Villa Park CA (92861) around the areas of the Santiago Oaks Regional Park and Orange County Zoo.

The major signs that you need garage door repair are when your garage door won’t open or close. However, these problems can be caused by a host of different issues with different parts of your garage door system. The most common reasons you may need garage door repair include:

  • Your garage door making grinding noises
  • Garage door opener not working properly
  • Section damage like bent or sagging panels
  • Broken spring
  • Door not closing or opening
  • Roller out of place
  • Broken cable

When you notice any of the above issues, don’t hesitate to call. The quicker we fix any issues with your garage door system, the quicker you can get back to your life with a great garage door system. So call now for garage door repair Villa Park CA!

Generally, garage door openers last 10-15 years from installation. However, this number of years can vary greatly depending on three factors:

  • The type of opener from chain drive to belt drive to side mount
  • Your opener maintenance routine
  • How often you use the opener to operate your garage door

For example, a chain drive opener that is used 4-5 times every day may last less than ten years before needing replacement. On the other hand, a belt drive opener only used twice daily could last upwards of 15-20 years. To get an idea of how long your garage door opener will last, set up a maintenance appointment with us at 714-528-5670.

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