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Four Troubleshooting Steps Before Scheduling a Visit

Is your garage door stuck or malfunctioning? Identifying the root of the problem can be tricky, but our team at Sunwest Garage Service has created a 4-step process for identifying (and even solving) common issues before scheduling a visit.
To save yourself some time and possibly some money, we recommend following these four troubleshooting steps before calling.

Step 1

Q: I’m experiencing motor problems. It’s not responding and seems dead.
A: Check the wall button. Does the light turn on in the machine?

Step 2

Q: The garage door motor isn’t coming on at all.
A: You’ll want to test the outlet.

Step 3

Q: How do I test the outlet?
A: First, you’ll need a blow dryer. Unplug the motor and test the plug. If the blow dryer doesn’t work, it’s an issue with the electricity — not the garage itself. From there, you’ll need to reach out to an electrician.

Step 4

Q: What if the blow dryer works?
A: If it does work, that indicates there’s an issue with the garage door opener. When this happens, give the team at Sunwest Garage Door a call at (714) 528-5670 and we’ll come take a closer look at the situation.

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