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Most garage doors incorporate some form of springs, and if all is as it should be, you’ll never notice them doing their job. The problem arises when they wear down, corrode, bend, or outright break. Then, you’re guaranteed to feel their absence – unless you find a trustworthy professional to replace your garage door springs!

The Sunwest Garage Doors family knows how aggravating it is to suddenly discover you’re going to be late for work because your door won’t budge. It’s just as bad to realize that it’s been growing stiffer by the day.

You shouldn’t feel like you’ve just spent an hour at the gym every time you try to go outside. We’re here to get your springs back into functioning order so that they’ll do the work – and you won’t have to.

What Purpose Do Garage Door Springs Serve?

Most of the time you don’t think about it, but your garage door is heavy. Those thick panels and hinges need to be fairly hefty to keep people, animals, and the weather out. All of that mass adds up to hundreds of pounds.

Garage door springs make it possible to open and close the door manually without having to train like an Olympic weightlifter. They serve as a kind of counterbalance that offsets the mass of the door so that you can get in and out as needed.

Different garage door systems use different types of springs, most of which fall under the torsion or extension category. You can often tell which you have by checking their location: You’ll find extension springs next to the tracks that the door rolls along, while torsion spring systems are typically mounted to the wall over the door.

Why Do I Need a Garage Door Spring Replacement Expert Near Me?

Countless Orange County property owners have told us that their springs were the first parts to break on their doors. This is usually because these components handle the majority of the heavy lifting, but other factors, like improper maintenance, rust, or misalignment, can also contribute.

What surprises many homeowners is that their springs broke while their doors were closed, but once again, this makes perfect sense. A closed garage door’s springs may seem to be at rest, but they’re actually in a high-tension state that subjects them to significant stress forces.

The picture grows even clearer when you realize that many extension and torsion spring replacement jobs happen at a specific point in a door’s lifecycle. These springs are only rated to handle a fixed number of open-close cycles. When you get close to the limit, it can be anyone’s guess when something might break.

Do I Really Need a Garage Door Spring Replacement Professional’s Help?

The high-stress forces associated with spring systems mean this is a job for specialists only. Completing an extension or torsion spring replacement can be a dangerous task, and it’s not worth the risk of injuring yourself.

Talking to an expert at Sunwest Garage Doors is the safest bet – and not just for you personally. Our experts can also spot other issues that might need repair, making it easier to protect your pocketbook in a single visit. Schedule your appointment today, and restore your property to its former convenient glory.

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FAQsGarage Door Spring Replacement

Type of Springs That We Use

We use only the best U.S. made torsion springs and extension springs with a minimum 15k cycle life. A cycle is one rotation of opening and closing your garage door. This translates to approximately a 1/3 longer life span compared to most stock garage door springs.

Service Appointment Speed

Our goal is always to get you the help you need as quickly as possible. This is why we offer same day service appointments. As you can imagine, there are a limited number of same day appointments available and they do run on a first come first serve basis. The sooner you call, the faster we can serve you. If a same day appointment isn’t available, we can more often than not schedule a convenient time for you the next day.

Service Appointment Timing

We offer reasonably tight windows for our arrival. Plus, we’ll call you 30 minutes before we arrive so you don’t have to sit around waiting all day. Our clients have found that this helps them maintain flexibility for their day’s schedule so they aren’t held back by an uncomfortably large window of time. Instead, you’ll be kept updated and will feel in the loop on what’s happening.

Free Inspections & Estimates

We will come to your home at no cost and be ready to help you. This allows us to take a real look at the situation so we can give you an accurate, honest, and reasonable estimate.

Garage Door Spring Replacement Pricing

As a family-owned company we understand the impact that unforeseen expenses can have on a family. This is why we keep our pricing fair and reasonable. We will be honest with you about what’s going on. If a part or something small can just be replaced or repaired for your garage door system to start working again, then we’ll just offer to do that.

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Garage Door Spring Replacement

Very knowledgeable staff, they answered all our questions, & the best price around.

Kristen S.
Garage Door Repair

Refreshing to deal with a company who is prompt, honest, and does the work right in the first place. Not only did they correct the shoddy work of another company, they also charged a lot less for their A+ service.

Diana K.
Garage Door Repair

This company is a Class Act from start to finish. The two girls who helped me to get a garage door technician out to check out the issue we were having were delightful, informative, and helped me through the entire process and kept me in the loop by calling me on when to expect my Technician. Phil designed a great fix for me according to our needs. Derick (our tech) was the icing on the cake. He came both days right on time and called us when he was ten minutes away. He knew exactly what to do and left my garage cleaner than he found it. FAST, friendly, and all for a very competitive price. Tell me, how great is that?

Danny J.
Garage Door Repair

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