Project Description: 

We installed this rolling steel commercial door for a business located in Orange, California (92705, 92706, 92782, 92856-92869). It is from the Janus International Group line of commercial rolling steel doors. This is a great, easily-stored option for a new commercial door if you have limited overhead storage room. 

Having a reliable garage door was this business’s number one priority, which is why we offered them a Janus roll up door. With this new commercial door, our client’s business is able to focus on their work without having to worry about their commercial door taking up additional space. This Janus steel door is durable and will provide an extra level of security for this business property. 

A Janus roll up steel door is a great option for any business in the Orange CA area looking for convenience and security. Are you ready to have a commercial door that you can trust? Call us for a free commercial door quote and more information on our commercial door options.

Project Details: 

Door Specs: Janus Int. Series 2500 Commercial Roll-up Door