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New Garage Door Anaheim CA

New Garage Door

When it comes to choosing a new garage door, it is vital to consider both style and long term functionality. Since you want to choose a new garage door that is going to match your home, the design of a garage door is important. At Sunwest, we take great pride in helping you find the best style new garage door.

Style isn’t everything, though. It’s also important to properly install new garage doors, which ensures the safety and longevity of the garage door. Surprisingly, this isn’t a standard upheld by all companies. However, our experienced technicians are capable of correctly installing new garage doors at high-quality standards. We only want the best results for our customers. That’s why we offer free quotes and walk you through the process of getting your new garage door.

New Faux Wood Garage Door Anaheim

Choosing Style

When choosing the style of your new garage door, it can sometimes be frustrating to find the proper one. At Sunwest, we provide a large spectrum of new garage door styles:

  • Style: Carriage, Traditional, Modern
  • Materials: Wood, Steel, Aluminum, Glass
  • Features: Insulated, Painted, Windows, Powder Coated, Custom Tracks

We work with the top garage door brands to ensure you get the best quality door for a reasonable price. We train our garage door specialists to install garage doors correctly and efficiently, ensuring your new garage door operates safely and easily.

Choosing Construction

We commonly hear people talk about a garage door as just a garage door, but that isn’t the case. There can be a big difference in quality between one garage door and another. The construction of the garage door is one of the primary differentiators. There are commonly multiple layers when it comes to garage doors.

For example, a non-insulated garage door commonly is considered a “one layer” garage door.  The next level up is a two-layer insulated garage door commonly known in the industry as a “Vinyl Back” garage door. This is still considered an affordable garage door, but provides some qualities like temperature control and vibration reduction which makes the door quieter. Lastly, a three-layer garage door is typically filled with polystyrene insulation or polyurethane to create the highest level of temperature and noise control. By asking a few questions about your goals, our technicians can identify which new garage door works best for you. Call us for a free consultation. 

Choosing A Track

When choosing a track to have installed, it is important to consider the construction of your garage. The tracks we install and service include low-head room, high-lift, and 10, 12, 15, 20, and 32 inch radius tracks depending on the height of your ceiling. In addition to ceiling height, type of opener will play a big role in which track will work with your garage door. There are different types of openers including chain drive, screw drive, belt drive, direct-drive, and jackshaft openers. These openers can play different roles in how your garage door operates, especially in terms of noise. We recommend an opener that has a belt-drive for the quietest and smoothest transition. 

If you are not sure about what type of track you will need, we recommend you call us and schedule a free estimate. We’ll send out an experienced technician that can properly assess the situation and walk you through the options.

The best type of garage door for you will depend on the needs of your home or business. In terms of material, most people choose steel, wood, or glass for their new garage door. Steel is the most popular choice for most homeowners because it is durable, long lasting, and comes available in a wide range of style options. You can choose a steel door in a traditional, carriage house, or modern exterior in numerous colors or even faux wood. Wood garage doors are also a popular choice because they offer the best in aesthetic appeal. A real wood door is also highly customizable in whatever style you prefer because it is custom built to your specifications. Lastly, glass garage doors are the best choice if you want to upgrade the modern appeal of your home. The clean lines and customizable frames complement the exterior of almost any home. 

The lifespan of your garage door will depend on how often you use it and your maintenance routine. Most Americans use their garage door as the primary entrance to their home, meaning that a garage door can be opened up to 1,500 times a year. This frequency of use causes all your garage door parts to wear out much quicker. Also, if you don’t regularly maintain your garage door like cleaning, checking parts, and applying lubrication, your door’s lifespan also shortens. All this said, a well maintained, insulated garage door can last between 15-30 years. However, you should keep in mind that the lifespan of non-insulated steel, wood, and glass doors will vary greatly, but most likely fall in the 10-20 year range. 

There are two types of garage door openers that are known for quiet operation: belt drive and direct drive. Belt drive openers move along a rubber belt instead of metal components, creating less vibrations and noise. This makes them long lasting as well as quiet. Belt drive openers are also a newer option known for quiet operation due to a lack of moving parts. They create very little noise because the only moving part of the system is the motor. Like belt drive openers, the lack of moving parts and vibration means that direct drive openers have a long life span.