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Wood Garage Doors

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Real Wood Garage Doors

If you’re looking for the ultimate in visual appeal for your home’s exterior, consider a real wood garage door. Custom constructed from real wood sections, wood garage doors create incredible curb appeal. From contemporary to carriage to traditional, the style of your new garage door can be custom fit to complement your home. Because wood doors are made-to-order and built to fit the opening of your home, you get a unique product. In fact, you present a picture or drawing, and Sunwest Garage Doors makes your vision a reality. We specialize in wood garage door installation and repair in the Anaheim, CA area. 

Wood garage doors are also a durable and long lasting option for a new garage door. With the right maintenance, your wood door can complement your home for 30 years. Wood doors also resist denting and scratching because manufacturers make them with strong woods like cedar or mahogany. However, with this higher level of durability comes more maintenance needs. Because manufacturers construct these garage doors entirely of wood, they are susceptible to moisture and pest damage. This means they need refinishing every couple of years to reseal the wood and keep their appearance.

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Wood Garage Door Brands

It is important to select a reliable, quality manufacturer for your new wood door. That is why we trust Wayne Dalton, Carriage House, Ranch House, and Sunwood Doors. Wayne Dalton is a trusted, industry-leading brand that builds wood doors in multiple styles ranging from rustic barn door to seamless modern. Carriage House and Ranch House are both California-based companies which focus on providing the highest quality customized real wood doors. Sunwood Doors is also locally based with a focus on customized paneling and wood grain options. Each of our manufacturers create a beautiful wood door to your photo or drawing specifications. No matter your idea, our excellent manufacturers will make it happen. 

Wood Garage Door Styles

The design of your real wood door is based on your style, wood species, and color preferences. Whether you have a historical, mid-century, or modern style home, we will find a wood door design to perfectly complement it. Further, you select panels from traditional recessed to modern flushed and windows in broad or small vertical and horizontal openings. For wood species, we have several recommendations that do best in the California climate. Western red cedar and mahogany are both hardy, weather resistant wood varieties which are available in multiple stains. Knotty cedar, knotty alder, and yellow pine are also beautiful options if you want a more unique look. Lastly, if you do not like the natural color or grain of the wood, you can have it painted. Each of our manufacturers offer a wide selection of paint colors to match your home.

Faux Wood Garage Doors

Faux wood garage doors are a great option if you don’t want to commit to the maintenance or price of real wood doors. Although they look like wood, they are actually steel garage doors with a wood composite overlay. That means you get the visual appeal of wood and the reliability of steel. In fact, faux wood doors perfectly balance modern functionality with the timeless aesthetic of wood. Here at Sunwest Garage Doors, we have installed and repaired all brands of faux wood doors so we are here to help you find the best option for your home. 

Where real wood requires frequent maintenance, the steel of faux wood doors holds up great for years to come. Although the interior hardware should still have regular maintenance, the door itself shouldn’t require refinishing. Also, you do not have to worry about water or pests damaging the door because of the steel and faux wood overlay. In terms of insulation, you still have the same layering options from non-insulated to two or three layers. This means you don’t have to sacrifice temperature or noise control to get a beautiful door.

Faux Wood Garage Door Brands 

The realism of your faux wood garage door will depend on the manufacturer you choose. That is why we install three quality brands with some of the best products on the market. We love CHI, Amarr, and Wayne Dalton. CHI manufactures their Accent and Shoreline series with an exclusive digital imaging process, creating one of the most realistic faux wood doors. Amarr’s Classica Series is the best manufacturer if you want a painted faux wood door with their over 700 color options. Wayne Dalton has a great range of wood species and color options to meet any carriage house or modern design. 

Faux Wood Garage Door Styles

These steel garage doors that look like wood can meet any of the design aspirations of a real wood door. If you want a carriage house design to match your historical home, a flushed panel door to complement your Mid-Century modern architecture, or any style between, we have the choices for you. With construction, you also choose a natural wood or painted appearance. If you want a real wood exterior, most manufacturers offer a faux oak, mahogany, or cedar finish in multiple stains. Your paint color choices are as broad as your imagination. 

Visit our Gallery to view the beautiful real and faux wood garage doors we have installed in the Anaheim Hills, CA area. 

To learn more about why you should consider a real or faux wood garage door, read our blog, “What Are Faux Wood Garage Doors?”

If you are interested in learning more about either type of wood garage door, please contact us today at 714-528-5670! We would love to schedule your free new door consultation.

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