All I can say is wow! Phil is such an amazing guy and he absolutely loves what he does. I am a person who loves and appreciates craftsmanship done to a high level, and Phil does that to an extreme level.

I needed a door lift in my garage in order to put in a car lift. After having contacted 5 or 6 different garage door installers, I was about to give up. No one had the knowledge or know how to raise a 350lb wooden door track system above a standard 7ft system. I gave Sunwest door a call as my last shot and I am so very glad I did. Phil came out for the estimate and immediately from speaking with him, I knew he was the right man for the job. He already had a game plan on how to do it, and to do it right. He exceeded my expectations and lifted my door right up to the ceiling for maximum clearance. I have no doubt my new BendPak lift will fit my 2 cars with ease!

Thank you Phil!!! We look forward to your services in the future!