Your Guide to Garage Door Springs

Of all the parts that make automatic garage doors work, springs are among the most important. They control the ascent and descent of your door, meaning that a broken one will put your garage door out of commission until it’s replaced. With that in mind, here’s a basic guide to garage door springs for all

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5 Common Garage Door Problems You Should Know How to Recognize

Garage doors are typically the largest moving objects in the home, weighing up to 1,000 pounds. That means they can lead to serious — even fatal — injuries if they aren’t properly cared for and maintained. What types of problems should you be looking out for? Here are five common garage door problems you should

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5 Questions to Ask Garage Door Installation Companies Before Hiring

If you’re looking at garage door installation or garage door replacement, you’ve probably already found that you have quite a few options when it comes to hiring. The garage door installation industry in the U.S. employs about 64,789 people, but not all those people are equally qualified or will give you a comparable experience. So,

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7 Garage Door Features That Boost Your Curb Appeal

According to the 2017 Cost vs. Value Report by Remodeling magazine, a garage door replacement is ranked #1 in upscale and #5 in midrange projects retaining value at home sale. Meaning, homeowners can expect to recoup up to 91.5% of their investment. The roles of garage doors have drastically changed over time. They now have significant stylistic capabilities especially given that

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Complete the Craftsman Look with Our Wayne Dalton 7100 Series

When it comes to replacing a garage door, there are endless possibilities. But one of the biggest decisions homeowners face is deciding what material best suits their needs. Wood and steel garage doors are typically the most popular. But as with all garage doors, each has their own pros and cons. Because a new garage

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Garage Door Spotlight: Sunwest’s Wayne Dalton 9700

If you’re looking for a project to boost your curb appeal, look no further than your garage door. A key element in any home’s appearance, a new garage door boasts a 91.5 percent return, and lucky for you, comes in a variety of colors and styles for full customization. It can be overwhelming having so many

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Repair or Replace? 5 Key Questions That Tip the Scale

Anything mechanical eventually breaks down, and your garage door is no exception. However, when the dreaded issue arises, you may be wondering whether it’s time for a repair or a replacement. Because replacements are often more expensive than repairs, many homeowners prefer fixing problems as they go. Many components are fine to fix, like springs,

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4 Troubleshooting Steps Before Scheduling a Visit

Is your garage door stuck or malfunctioning? Identifying the root of the problem can be tricky, but our team at Sunwest Garage Service has created a 4-step process for identifying (and even solving) common issues before scheduling a visit. To save yourself some time and possibly some money, we recommend following these four troubleshooting steps before

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Quick Guide for Manually Operating Your Garage Door

The power blinks off right when you are ready to head out the door for work. You always park your car safely in the garage, but without electricity, you’re stuck. The good news is you can disengage your garage door and open it and close it manually. However, when the lights turn back on, you’ll

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3 Ways to Reduce Garage Door Repair Costs

 When your garage door breaks down, it’s inconvenient, and worse, it’s potentially costly to fix it. However, there are ways for you to save your wallet and reduce those pesky garage door repair costs. Conduct preventative maintenance. The best way to reduce repair costs is by preventing problems in the first place. The better you

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7 Benefits That Come With Replacing Garage Doors

If your automatic garage doors are sticky or creaking, it’s possible you can get away with a simple garage door repair service. You might even be able to solve the problem yourself by using a light household oil on the tracks, hinges, rollers and springs (don’t use a petroleum-based product or get lubricant on the

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5 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Garage Door in Tip Top Shape

You probably open and close your garage door (or doors) several times a day; a recent nationwide consumer survey concluded that 71% of homeowners access their homes using garage door openers daily. But how much thought do you give to garage door maintenance? These oft-used doors are all too often neglected. By doing some simple maintenance

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