Our garage door of 17 years got hit from the inside and the rollers went off track, cable snapped, dent, frame popped out, sensor fell off…etc. It was 8am and we were rushing out for work and taking the kids to school at a rainy Southern California day. I knew I only had a chance to open the door (and it did), and then it won’t close. I knew I had to get someone quick, and work needs to be completed today because of security of our family (with kids) and weather. I gave Sunwest a call at 8am and Phil answered my call! He calmly and quickly set up an appointment between 9am-1pm and the technician came at 10:41am. He patiently and calmly analyzed the condition/damage, and reassured that it can be fixed without having to change the entire door! He finished the job around 12:15pm and it was very smooth and quiet. His service is really great and thorough, and he did what he could to make it safe for us. He didn’t upsell anything, but instead he saved me money!

Fixing garage doors is not cheap, but I’m satisfied that Sunwest took care of the damage with such professionalism and so quickly! Definitely recommend them!