Three Ways to Reduce Garage Door Repair Costs

by | Dec 30, 2019 | Garage Door Repair

When your garage door breaks down, it’s inconvenient, and worse, it’s potentially costly to fix it. However, there are ways for you to save your wallet and reduce those pesky garage door repair costs.

Conduct preventative maintenance.

The best way to reduce repair costs is by preventing problems in the first place. The better you maintain your door, the longer the lifespan. The first step in preventative maintenance is looking and listening. Everytime the door opens, be aware of any new sounds or rough movements. Every year, take ten minutes and lubricate all the moving parts. Pick up spray from a garage door specialist to coat all of the springs. Also, tighten any loose pieces to prevent them from falling out of place. Test all of the auto-reverse safety features by putting small items in front of the sensors. Clean the door regularly to prevent degradation from the rust or dirt. Take time to remove any debris from the tracks to prevent damage and reduce garage door repair costs.

Complete all the minor repairs.  

Some repairs are simple enough, but if ignored, they can cause expensive problems. Reduce garage door repair costs by completing all the minor repairs. Whatever you do, don’t continue hitting the opener and praying for a miracle. The added resistance could eventually break the door. There could be a variety of things going on like the rollers becoming stiff or the door binds from the rollers being old and worn down. In those cases, you would need to replace rollers. Change out broken or aged springs. If a garage door is struggling to open, then look up and see if it is a problem with the spring. Torsion springs are usually rated for 10,000 cycles, which means it will open and close 10,000 times before needing replacement. If you open and close your door at least twice a day (if not more), then you will need to replace them in a few short years. Spring manufacturers suggest replacing them every five years whether they are broken or not to avoid being maxed out with no more tension to give. Just because the garage door is in need of minor repairs, it doesn’t mean you have to be the one to do them. Yes, a DIY approach to a project may seem cheaper on the surface, but if you install the wrong springs or fail to finish the job correctly, then you might cause a bigger problem.

Find the right company for the job.

When it is time to fix your door or complete a big repair project, be sure to ask the right questions. Big repairs don’t come around often for your garage door, which means you probably are not familiar with the industry or the expected costs of the repair. Sometimes, a broken garage door can cause a stressful situation, especially if you are trying to get to work or somewhere else important. Ask these questions to help identify the right company and get your door fixed and back to normal with as little interruption to your routine as possible.

  1. How many years have you been in business?
  2. Are you licensed?
  3. Do you have any reviews I can read?
  4. Do you offer any warranties on the work?

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