Why DIY Isn’t Always The Best Option For Garage Door

by | Dec 30, 2019 | Garage Door Repair

If you’re someone who has done plenty of do-it-yourself projects and updates in your home, you may think garage door repairs are no different. In an effort to equip people with the best information on whether this is a DIY or hire an expert, here is what you need to know.

When you purchase residential garage door products from a licensed professional, you have all the benefits of professional products. These include sturdier construction and better materials than what you will find with box store counterparts.

In addition to the heavier duty construction, you have a licensed professional completing the work. This ensures you have a professional that is well versed in the installation, assembly, and set up of your garage door products.

Probably the most impactful aspect of hiring a professional for garage door repairs and replacements is the warranty aspect. While your purchase in a box store will likely come with a warranty, it can be a very cumbersome process working through replacements and warranty application.

With certified professionals in your corner, they carry the warranty from top to bottom. You can expect a warranty on all aspects of your garage door product from installation to parts and labor by leaving it to the experts. This is sure to save you time and headaches.

If you’re thinking about updating your garage or in the need of repairs, give Sunwest a call at (714) 528-5670 to discuss your project with a team member.

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