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Garage Door Repair

Our mission statement is to send servicemen, not salesmen, to repair your broken garage door. This means we will never pressure you into garage door repairs or upgrades that are not necessary for your garage door. Our goal is to provide quick and affordable garage door repair services to make your life easier and keep you safe. 

This said, a malfunctioning garage door can be very dangerous to you and your family. As one of the heaviest moving parts of your home, it is important to practice caution around a broken garage door. It is equally as important to call an experienced garage door service to complete your garage door repairs. Your garage door may need maintenance if you notice any of the following issues:

We recommend you schedule an in-home inspection for your garage door repair needs. Making sure your garage door is running properly is important to the door’s safety and longevity. In addition, hiring a reputable company with trained technicians will prevent problems related to poor workmanship down the road. To facilitate these goals, we provide honest and transparent inspections and quotes. We do this because we feel this is the best chance to create customers who will tell their friends and family about our excellent services. Contact us today to learn more about the garage door repair services we perform in Anaheim!

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If you hear a mysterious loud bang and suddenly your garage door cannot be lifted, it may be due to a broken garage door spring. Torsion springs typically last 10k cycles of opening and closing your garage. When a garage door spring reaches 10k cycles, it begins to wear down and eventually breaks, leaving your car stuck in the garage. If you are currently experiencing a broken garage door spring, we recommend you call us at 714-528-5670. We’ll send out an experienced technician to fix the issue. We are garage door spring replacement experts, and we carry all sizes so we can ensure that you’ll always get the right garage door spring for your garage door. Click here to learn more information on garage door springs.

Damaged Section?

If you have a damaged garage door section, we always recommended replacing that garage door section. Once a garage door section has been dented or damaged in some way, trying to repair it can lead to a safety or operating issue. We have a wide spectrum of garage door styles to choose from in-house. Additionally, we can get any section you choose even if it’s still being manufactured. If you are interested in garage door section replacement, contact us and we’ll walk you through the process.

Door Out Of Track?

It is not uncommon for a garage door to fall out of track. It happens because either a garage door roller has fallen out or the garage door cables have come loose on one of the sides. It is recommended to have a trained professional put the garage door back in properly to prevent any further damage. Garage doors are typically heavy with lots of moving parts. To perform this garage door repair safely, you should be trained in placing a garage door back in the track for operation. In our experience, homeowners who attempt this garage door repair on their own typically make it worse. We, in most cases, can save the garage door if you call us immediately. When we do this job, we reset the garage door cables, place your roller back in the track, and run the opener to make sure everything is functioning properly before we leave. 

Broken Garage Door Opener?

A garage door opener is the motor that works to move your door up and down. It can be located on the ceiling of your garage or to the left or right of your door. There are four primary types of openers: chain drive, belt drive, direct drive, and screw drive. Each of these function differently in terms of noise level and longevity. To check the functionality of your garage door opener, see if the light is lit up on the side. If not, the issue might be your electricity. Try resetting your system and checking that everything is plugged in. When you test the electricity and the garage door still will not open, try opening it manually. If you can open the door manually, then your garage door spring is most likely fine; the issue is your garage door opener. For garage door opener repair and replacement, please call 714-528-5670 for a free estimate!

Broken Cable?

Garage doors cables are located on the right and left sides of your door. They work with the counterbalance system of your garage door spring to open and close the door. Because there are two garage door cables, they work independently. This means one could break while the other still functions normally. A good way to know if you have a broken garage door cable is if your garage door rises at an angle. Also, a broken garage door cable will often cause the garage door to make a loud grinding or squeaking noise. If you experience any of these signs when opening your garage door, please stop the cycle and call us to schedule a garage door repair. 

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Your homeowner’s insurance might cover some damages to your garage door, while other damages might leave you paying the garage door repair bill. Here are some scenarios to find out what’s covered:

1: I hit my garage door with my vehicle.

You happen to crash into your closed garage door. Hopefully, you're safe and uninjured, but which insurance covers the damage to your garage door?

Car insurance typically won’t pay for your garage door because it doesn’t cover damage you've done to your property. However, you can try and file a homeowner’s insurance claim.

2: Someone else hit my garage door with their vehicle.

Let's say someone happens to drive into your closed garage door. In this case, the driver is at fault and whether their car insurance covers it or not, they are responsible for the damages.

3: My garage door just stopped working.

If you have an old garage door and it stops functioning, more than likely you'll have to pay to have it repaired on your own. However, most garage door maintenance problems aren’t covered by homeowners’ insurance. This is because they're an inevitable part of homeownership.

If your garage door doesn’t work because of an electrical issue like a surge or other covered incident, your policy could cover the costs of garage door repairs.

Regardless, in any of these scenarios, it’s important to get your garage door repaired properly to prevent any safety issues. We'd highly recommend you call us at 714-528-5670 to get more information on what you can do to get your garage door repaired properly!

Garage door repair costs vary depending on what exactly broke and what is required to fix it. To find out how much a repair might cost, you first need to find out what needs to be repaired. (If you already know the issue and it is not listed, please call 714-528-5670 to get info on pricing) Here is a list of things that could be wrong with your garage door:

1. Garage door opener won’t work:

In most cases, repairing a garage door opener is an easy fix. Chain or drive screw operated garage door openers that won't work may just need some lubrication to reduce friction. But if that isn’t the case, there might be an electrical issue, making it unsafe to use. This is when we'd recommend you call us to have our experts take a look at what might be the issue. We offer free inspections/estimates!

2. Grinding noises:

Shabby parts, loose hardware, or bent sections can cause the grinding noises coming from your garage door. Generally, if you hear a lot of grinding noises, it's because you need lubrication. In this case, simply apply grease (not spray) directly on the squeaky part.

3. The door closes then immediately opens:

In this scenario, there could be an issue with the alignment of your garage door’s photo-eye. These are the small plastic devices that serve as a safety feature and are located on both sides of the garage door. To confirm the photo-eyes are working correctly, look for a flashing green light, and rub off any dirt or debris that could cover the sensor.

Feel free to reach out to us 714-528-5670 for expert advice! We offer many garage door repair & installation services.

When your garage door won't open, the problem is probably a broken garage door spring or malfunctioning garage door opener. This is because your garage door springs and garage door opener do most of the work to lift your garage door. When you have a broken garage door spring or broken garage door opener, your garage door system can't create the needed tension to operate the garage door. Luckily, garage door spring replacement and garage door opener repair are two easy fixes we perform. Contact us whenever your garage door won't open so we can perform your garage door repair quickly!

A stuck garage door is a common garage door repair we encounter. Your garage door can get stuck at an angle or stuck closed or open. Broken garage door springs, a malfunctioning garage door opener, and broken garage door cables can cause you to have a stuck garage door.

When your garage door is stuck, it is important that you don't continue to press the keypad or remote. This will puts unnecessary pressure on your garage door system, potentially causing the garage door springs, cables, or opener to break. Instead, call us at 714-528-5670 to schedule your garage door repair appointment. We can determine why you have a stuck garage door can offer suggestions for garage door repair.

The simple answer is it depends. If your garage door panel has minor damages like dents or scratches, those cosmetic damages can usually be popped or buffed out. Also, refinishing the surface of your garage door can cover up those minor imperfections.

However, if your garage door panels have major dents, cracks, or sagging, garage door panel replacement may be your best option. We work with most major manufacturers so we can get your garage door replacement panels quickly. For more information on whether or not your garage door panels can be repaired, give us a call at 714-528-5670 to set up a garage door service appointment. 

When your garage door remote won't work, there is likely an issue with your garage door opener. First, check the batteries in your remote. It may simply be an issue of changing out dead batteries to solve the problem. If you change the batteries and your garage door still won't open, make sure the garage door opener is getting power. If this also doesn't solve the problem, you should schedule a garage door opener repair appointment. One of our friendly garage door technicians can assess your garage door system and find the issue quickly.