What Are Faux Wood Garage Doors?

by | Feb 21, 2020 | Garage Doors

So maybe you’ve been researching real wood garage doors, and you don’t think you can commit. Yes, real wood looks gorgeous and adds incredible appeal to your home’s exterior, but you don’t want the price and maintenance. After all, custom, real wood doors can be expensive and need yearly upkeep. Instead, consider a faux wood garage door. Faux wood doors are a great alternative to get the appearance and texture of wood without the downsides.

Faux wood doors are steel or aluminum garage doors that look like wood. This means that they have a wood grain overlay on the exterior. In a wide array of wood species and colors, these have a similar level of design customization to real wood doors. Also, pretty much every major garage door manufacturer makes a brand of faux wood doors. However, the level of realism and detail will vary depending on which you choose. Some manufacturers create an incredible, natural wood grain door, while others have a more realistic painted, wood textured door. The wood overlay process that a company uses creates this level of realism.

Because faux wood doors have a steel or aluminum construction, they have the same durability and longevity as a traditional door. That means you can get 20-30 years out of your door, especially with consistent maintenance. You also have the insulation options that come with a steel door. If you want two or three layers of insulation, you can have it added to your faux wood door frame. Here, the perks of insulation still include temperature control and noise control to make your garage a more comfortable place. As a bonus, steel constructed doors are much lighter than wooden doors. That means they don’t need special tracks or openers.

Benefits of Faux Wood Garage Doors

Less Expensive – Custom real wood doors tend to start around $5000. But faux wood is a much more affordable option because of its steel or aluminum construction. They also don’t have to be custom made so they don’t have to be special ordered at higher rates.

Low Maintenance – Like any steel constructed door, faux wood does need consistent upkeep in terms of cleaning the outside and checking interior parts. Still, the maintenance needs are dramatically less than a real wood door that needs yearly upkeep.

Long Lasting Construction – With a steel or aluminum construction, faux wood doors have a decades long lifespan. Also, these materials resist water and pest damage so you don’t have to worry about resealing the exterior.

Broad Range of Options – Faux wood has a great range of style, brand, and color options to match any home. For style, you choose between traditional, modern, and carriage in a wide array of unique designs. To find the most realistic-looking door, you will have to view different brands in the wood grain or color you like. Color options are the broadest with several manufacturers offering almost a thousand choices.

Light Weight – Real wood doors tend to be very heavy and thus needs special hardware to operate reliably. This is not the case with faux wood. Because a steel construction is lighter, even with three layers of insulation, they do not need a special track or opener. Their lightness also makes them easier to service and lift manually when needed.

Negatives of Faux Wood Garage Doors

More Expensive Than Others – Although faux wood doors are much cheaper than real wood, they are still more expensive than a traditional, recessed panel door. You have to keep in mind that you are paying for the wood grain overlay on top of the standard cost of the door.

The Exterior Will Fade – Like any kind of garage door, the faux wood will eventually begin to fade from sun exposure, rain, and wind damage. But this happens gradually so it is not typically noticeable. It would only become an issue if you need to replace panels of your door. If this happened, the new panels would be brighter against the older panels.

Doesn’t Add as Much Value to Your Home – Real wood doors consistently add great value to a home in terms of curb appeal and thus resale value. Faux wood cannot compare to this higher profit. But a new faux wood garage door is still a great option for home improvement upgrades. A high quality brand will be indistinguishable from real wood from the curb.

Quality Depends on Manufacturer – The manufacturer you choose will determine the realism of your faux wood door. Some custom design and print a wood grain onto the door, while others simply use a textured mold and paint it. So you will need to consider you budget before making a final decision on a door.


If you are looking to achieve the visual appeal of wood without the upkeep, faux wood garage doors are an excellent option. In a broad range of style and color options, you can customize them to complement the exterior of your home. They are also cheaper, lower maintenance, and more durable than real wood doors. But you do have to consider that they are still a pricier option for new garage door installation and the realism of the door depends on the manufacturer.

To learn more about your faux wood garage door options, view our Wood Garage Doors page and contact us today! Here at Sunwest Garage Door, we provide new garage door installation in the Anaheim Hills, CA area. We would love to answer your questions and schedule a new garage door consultation.

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